"The Players is a great place...
to meet colleagues and business clients. Congenial, discreet, and steeped in history. Plus you always run into someone you like."
–Peter Hagan, Publisher

"The Players is...

not just beautiful, cozy, historic, and fascinating. The club is greater than the sum of its marvelous parts."

–Bebe Neuwirth, Actress

"There isn't a cozier...

or more convivial place in New York than The Players. Edwin Booth started it with his friends, and that tradition of fellowship and good cheer continues to this day."
–Michael Riedel, Columnist and Broadcaster

A Special Welcome

Sometimes you need a home away from home. Your place to bring a friend or throw a party. Unwind after a long day or share a laugh with club mates. See a movie or relax in a comfy chair. That's The Players.

For 134 years, we have been the club where camaraderie makes all the difference. Nothing stiff or sneering here. Our common bond is a love of the arts—performing, musical, literary, visual—though we work in a wide range of fields. But that spark of creativity makes for a club that's always fun, and inspires amazing events in our clubhouse.

Use the menu at the top and look around. If you want to learn more, just ask us. We'll invite you for a tour and make some introductions. Our membership committee and professional staff are happy to help you explore.